Are you interested in learning? Do you have a desire to have a hobby farm or garden of your own? 


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Beekeeping Basics - Learn the basics: we will explain the parts of a hive and the function of each part, bee communication and the colony hierarchy, how to set up your hive (where/why) and the resources to have to be successful, where to get bees, and beekeeping supplies explained (such as your suit).  $35 per person 120 minutes (informational packet provided) 

Chicken Coop/ Small Animal Pen Construction - This will be a hands on building workshop.  We will be doing groups, with each group building a mock animal pen.  Dress to get dirty!  We will provide safety glasses, gloves, and earplugs for the workshop.  $45 per person, 120 minutes (plans for a chicken coop and a material list will be provided) 

Beekeeping Hive Building & Maintenance - Learn how to build a hive, add your own wax foundation, make repairs, prevent intrusions by other insects, and clean a hive for reuse.  This is a hands on workshops, we will have you build a frame and add wax foundation during class!  $35 per person, 120 minutes (list of supplies and informational packet provided)

Microgreens - Do you want to know more about microgreens? Have you ever wanted to learn to grow your own microgreens? Let us teach you!  Learn the benefits of microgreens, how to grow them, and take home a mini microgreen kit!  $35 per person, 120 minutes (mini microgreen kit included)

Gardening Basics - Are you ready to try gardening this year but not quite sure where to begin?  Let us teach you the basics.  Learn how to create a garden where you live no matter how big or small the space is.  We will teach you how to start your own seeds, space management, types of plants during the different seasons, perennials versus annuals, etc.  This class will give you a great beginning to a successful gardening season.  We will also be doing hands on sewing of seeds in class!  $35 per person, 120 minutes (mini seed starter tray included)

Rabbit Farming for Beginners - Learn how to raise rabbits! Did you know that rabbit meat has the best source of protein?  Learn from an actual rabbit farmer on what it takes to raise rabbits for a meat source.  Discussion will entail, housing & feeding rabbits, dealing with diseases, and successful breeding.  $35 per person, 120 minutes (informational packet provided)

Rabbit Benefits & Processing - This workshop will take you further into the benefits of rabbit farming.  We will discuss the value of rabbit manure and ways to utilize it.  You will learn the nutritional value f their meat and to process a rabbit from start to finish.  We will also share ways to prepare rabbit meat. $35 per person, 120 minutes (Rabbit meat sample & Informational packet included)

Gardening Tips, Tricks, Timesavers - description and dates coming soon


**registration forms will be made monthly, not every workshop listed will be made available each month.  New workshops will be added as the seasons progress.

**refunds can be made up to 48 hours after payment is made, the 48 hours needs to be at least 72 hours before workshop date.  This allows us appropriate time to fill the slots if needed.  100% refund for class cancellation due to low enrollment, inclement weather, teacher illness.  Thank you for understanding!